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Benefits of MCBOA Membership

Benefits of MCBOA MEmbership

Legislative Action

MCBOA maintains a strong presence in the legislative and regulatory processes which impact the motorcoach industry and the quality and cost of the services which charter bus operators are able to provide.

In a strategic move to bolster its influence and effectiveness in shaping both national and local regulations, the Minnesota Charter Bus Operator Association (MCBOA) has opted to internalize the process, bringing it in-house. By leveraging the expertise and diverse perspectives of its esteemed Board of Directors, MCBOA aims to adopt a more personalized and hands-on approach to navigating regulatory frameworks. This shift not only enables the association to respond swiftly to evolving legislative landscapes but also fosters deeper engagement and collaboration among its members. Through direct involvement and close coordination with industry stakeholders, MCBOA is poised to drive meaningful change, advocate for the interests of charter bus operators on both national and local stages, and ensure the sustainable growth and prosperity of the sector in Minnesota.

MCBOA’s Board of Directors promote various legislation to help enhance the charter bus industry in Minnesota. MCBOA also welcomes key personnel from American Bus Association and United Motorcoach Association to its Annual Conference to keep members abreast of national legislation that affects the motorcoach industry.

MCBOA communicates information to its members when appropriate to keep them informed of legislative action needed, such as writing letters to state legislators or Congressmen to support or oppose legislation that impacts the motorcoach industry.

MCBOA keeps its members informed of changes to Federal rules and offers help and support with these changes.

MCBOA board members assist operator members with key industry issues, maintaining relationships with governmental agencies, state authorities and national and state trade associations that they can call upon for assistance.

Financial Benefits

MCBOA provides a Lead Generator on its website where groups seeking quality charter transportation options can request quotes. MCBOA shares the quote requests with its operator members from that area

A Network of Members helping Members. Strong relationships between MCBOA members help nurture preferential assistance in emergency situations, without necessarily requiring extensive additional negotiation.

Strong legislative advocacy saves MCBOA operators inestimable dollars by working to protect Minnesota’s charter bus industry from unbeneficial legislation.

National Representation

MCBOA maintains strong relationships and works cooperatively with National organizations such as ABA (American Bus Association) and UMA (United Motorcoach Association) which scrutinize federal legislation and support the motorcoach transportation industry nationwide, the CVSA (Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance) in promoting safe motorcoach transportation, and Motorcoach Council to promote motorcoach travel nationwide.

MCBOA works closely with the national associations on the interpretation of various DOT and FMCSA laws and regulations.

Other State Associations

MCBOA maintains relationships with other state motorcoach associations through meetings and regular communications to stay up to date on issues affecting members.

Networking Opportunities

The motorcoach industry is all about relationships. MCBOA provides several forums for networking to build relationships, which promotes cooperation among its members.

MCBOA provides its members the opportunity for networking and the free flow of ideas with other operators and industry vendors at the Annual Conference.

MCBOA promotes members working with members, one of the greatest benefits of association membership.

Website and Social Media Visibility

Every MCBOA member in good standing has a web link in the website directory, making our members easy to find and a valuable resource for potential customers to find our members.

The website membership directory provides expanded listings of MCBOA operator member personnel and businesses, along with descriptive information on vendor member products and services.

Directory self-service tools available for members to update member profiles.

Robust event management and member renewal tools for available online registration and payment.

Promotions of MCBOA events, news, and of members on its social media

Education & Safety

The MCBOA annual conference hosts several speakers, panels, and subject matter experts to provide continuing education on a variety of topics each year.

MCBOA, on occasion, hosts educational webinars and information sessions regarding pending legislative actions and / or regulations that its members need to be aware of.

Facilitation of communications and education through emails and the MCBOA website.

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Annual Conference

MCBOA hosts its annual conference each fall, attended by operator and vendor partners, providing members increased opportunities to develop close relationships with industry partners.

A great opportunity in the motorcoach group travel industry, the Annual conference brings top-level operators and motorcoach industry partners from all over the United States together. The multi- day event features business training and professional development seminars.

Creating unity for common goals

MCBOA has a philosophy that there is strength in numbers. Whereas an issue that one operator may find difficult to address on its own, members working together through an Association may accomplish. Whether the issue is local, state, or federal in nature, there is strength in one voice speaking for many.

How Can I Be Involved?

 - Speak up! Make us aware of issues or concerns.
 - Serve on the Board of Directors
 - Attend Events
 - Volunteer at Events
 - Sponsor/Showcase your products or services

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